• Result 1

    The MicroCredX project has put together an Opportunity Scoping Tool for entities, namely tertiary education institutions, to develop strategies for Micro-Credentialing. The tool is designed to support, primarily, institutional leaders or strategy designers in integrating micro-credentials into the institution’s already existing operational instruments and practices (e.g. funding schemes, accreditation and quality assurance procedures, administration as well teaching, learning and research). It seeks to also expand institutions’ reach to learner target groups and engagement in value-added partnerships with external stakeholders.

    Based on a business canva model and the International Standard Organisation (ISO) 21001 standard for Educational Organization Management Systems, the MicroCredX Opportunity Scoping Tool – when piloted following the instruction guide – enables institutions to develop action-oriented indicators targetted to implement micro-credentials with a collaborative, whole-system approach.

  • Result 2

    Recognition Strategy

  • Result 3

    Micro-Credential Catalogue

  • Result 4

    Micro-Credential Network Model